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If you're a school in Massachusetts, please request your programs and services through the MARC website.  I also provide programs and service to other locations and states (dependent upon availability).  You can find out more about me by clicking on the About Me or "research & expertise" links above, or just do a quick search.  

Some of the services and programs I can provide:
  •  ------ In service trainings for faculty and staff in educational institutions
  •  ------ Consultation about surveying and other research
  • ------ Trainings for professionals (my experience includes physicians, attorneys, human services staff, etc.)
  • ------ Presentations for parent groups and community groups
  • ------ Programs for students in K-12 (assemblies and leadership trainings) & students in higher education
  • ------ Assistance and consultation for Administrations and Guidance/Psychological staff

10 min video explaining my approach to faculty training in bullying and cyberbullying prevention:

10 minute video explaining my approach to parent presentations

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